Posting a letter was exciting

Posting a letter was exciting

Once upon a time, posting a letter was exciting, especially for a small girl who lived in Berkshire town, in the late 80s.

Lyndsay had a penpal named Kerry who lived in a town 70 miles away. Lyndsay loved receiving letters from Kerry and writing back to her. In those days, email and social media were not yet popular, so letter writing was a the way to stay in touch with friends and family who lived far away.

Lyndsay would often walk to the letterbox to post her letters to Kerry. She loved the feeling of anticipation as she walked down the street, clutching the letter tightly in her hand. The sound of her footsteps echoed on the quiet street as she made her way to the letterbox. As she got to the postbox, she would feel excited and hope that her letter would soon be in the hands of her lovely friend. Pushing the letter in through the slot of the postbox she would sometimes put her hand in too to make sure it had gone down. And sometimes, when she didn’t have a letter to post, she’d pick leaves off of the laurel bush that grew around the box and post a load of those instead and then spy on the postman when he came to empty the box!!! Lyndsay would then walk back home, feeling happy and content. She would eagerly wait for Kerry’s reply, knowing that it would be full of interesting news, photos and stories from her life.

In those days, posting a letter was exciting and Lyndsay loved to do it. It was a time when people valued the written word and the joy of receiving a letter from a friend or loved one was as priceless as the memories it created.

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