What are At Home invitation cards used for? At Home cards are informal invitations for gatherings At Home

What are At Home invitation cards used for? At Home cards are informal invitations for gatherings At Home

I have to admit, I hadn’t seen an At Home invitation card before I was married and I wasn’t sure exactly what it was for or why it was worded “At Home” but in a nutshell, they are a formal invitation to an event you are organising “At Home”. They can be used to invite guests to a wide variety of events, from a casual coffee morning to a huge cocktail party or a simple meal.

However, in these days the “at Home” format can also be used to signify either that you are hosting an event or using a blank format as a formal invitation, to announce that the event is not necessarily being hosted in your home, if you’re having a birthday dinner at a restaurant.

The history of "At Home" cards originates in the 19th century when it was common for the lady of the house to host literary, musical, or political gatherings in her home, for friends and influential acquaintances. In the past, they were typically dispatched under the name of the female host. Just picture Elizabeth Bennet Darcy, in her new role as mistress of Pemberley and wife of Mr Darcy, throwing a lovely tea or evening party. To invite people into her living room, she would have sent an at-Home card as a hostess. Recipients, without a doubt, would have been overjoyed to accept!

You can purchase personalised “at Home” cards made for you to send if you have a particular event in mind. It will build anticipation and set the tone with all the details printed on the card. Alternatively: Having a stock of invitation cards printed that say “at Home” and include your address and R.S.V.P. information, but are otherwise blank; are a great asset to allow you to quickly invite friends without creating yet another "WhatsApp" group. In this method, the cards can be used for more than one occasion, by having the appropriate information written in by hand. This solution is significantly more practical and economical than others because your cards can be utilised for any event, at any time and can be renewed in boxes of 12 - 60 depending on how many people you intend to invite round have each year.

Do you need any more reason to love At Home cards? In addition to respecting customs, people also value the creation and receipt of elegant stationery. Getting an invitation in the mail is exciting for anyone; a certain sense of anticipation comes with ripping open that crisp, thick envelope. Getting an invitation card makes the recipient feel special and appreciated and provides something to look forward to. An “at Home” card is something to be excited about and build anticipation for your guests and event. It could be a birthday party, a get-together with friends, or an invitation to a drinks party. A unique way to promote your event and make it memorable is to send an “at Home” card. In a nutshell, ‘at Home’ cards are an absolute must-have for any well-stocked stationery drawer.

You can find At Home invitation cards on my website here and if you’re unsure of what to include on your At Home card, see this article. How to get invitations right • Debretts

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