why handwrite a letter? Woman opening a handwritten letter

Why handwrite a letter?

In a world where technology has become the norm, the art of handwriting a letter seems to be fading away. Writing something by hand however short and sweet, holds a charm that can’t be matched by any digital message.

The simple act of sitting down and taking the time to handwrite a letter is a beautiful and personal gesture that shows someone you really care.

Here are a few reasons why you should handwrite a letter:

  • It shows effort and thoughtfulness.  Writing a letter by hand shows that you have put in the effort to create something personal and thoughtful. Take time to sit down and craft a message in your own handwriting, it will be a gesture that the recipient really appreciates.
  • It’s more personal.  Handwritten letters are unique in that they contain your personal touch. Your handwriting, the way you form your letters, and even your imperfections contribute to the personal touch that makes that letter unique to you.
  • It’s a more emotional experience.  When you handwrite a letter it allows you to express your emotions in a way that is more personal and heartfelt than any email or text message. Take your time and really think about what you want to say, to make it a more emotional and meaningful experience.
  • It’s a break from technology.  When we’re constantly bombarded by technology, it’s overwhelming. Taking the time to handwrite a letter will allow you to step away from technology and take a break from screens. Enjoy a refreshing change of pace that can be a relaxing and meditative experience.
  • It will become a keepsake.  Handwritten notes and letters are something that can be treasured for years to come. They become a reminder of a moment in time that can be read over and over again, with fond memories.

There is something special about taking the time to handwrite a letter. It’s a gesture that shows effort, thoughtfulness, and a personal touch that cannot be matched by digital correspondence. It will be an emotional and meaningful experience that gives you a break from technology. Write your next note or letter using personalised note cards or personalised writing paper and make your next handwritten letter extra special.

PS – a Thesaurus is super helpful when you can’t quite find the right word, it’ll give you suggestions to help you handwrite exactly what you wanted succinctly!

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