About Lunella

Lunella Stationery was started by Lyndsay Moon during lockdown after leaving horrible employment! Sick and tired of getting up very early each morning for a job she was very unhappy at, she decided she would go back to doing something she loved, something creative! With a history in graphic design and website builds Lyndsay already had the skills needed to start, she had saved up some money to buy a couple of really decent printers and voila! Lunella (moon girl) was born! Now Lyndsay can’t wait for Mondays and loves every bit of her job.

It’s important to Lyndsay that Customers are happy with what they buy from her and that’s why some of her products need a digital draft to be to be signed off before making and tweaks can be made and you know what’ll come through your door. Lyndsay also loves good quality and has scoured the county/country/web for great quality materials at a good price and she hasn’t done half bad with over 1000 5 star reviews and over 5000 sales* to very happy Customers who comment on the great quality all the time.

You can rest assured you have found a lovely little business that genuinely cares about what you get, provides good value and quality products.


Other things about Lyndsay... She loves to sing, so when she is not designing or printing, she’s in a band and tries her hardest to get out in front of as many people who’ll listen to her singing Jazz (or Country given half the chance)! She also loves chocolate, particularly Tony’s salted caramel and never likes to share it! She’s a Mum to 3, married to a military man, who she follows to various postings around the globe, but her heart lives in the West Country. She isn’t very good at writing letters – oops! She also loves a laugh and tries not to take life too seriously! She is mostly informal!

*Lyndsay sells lots through Etsy & NOTHS and you can see her reviews on there, she’d much rather sell through her website, so she doesn’t have the pay large commissions taken by those platforms. You can see her shops here: https://lunellastationery.etsy.com, here: https://www.notonthehighstreet.com/partners/lunella/products and here! https://lunellahome.etsy.com