Eco-Friendly Plantable Greetings Cards

I've created an eco-conscious collection of plantable greetings cards, where each card blooms into a beautiful garden!

strawberry plantable greetings card

My plantable greetings cards are made from cotton and post consumer waste paper embedded with wildflower seeds. Plantable cards have my signature stand out hand drawn designs that you won't find anywhere else, not only can they convey your heartfelt messages but also encourage a sustainable lifestyle by turning waste into beauty!

Why Choose My Plantable Greetings Cards?

Eco-Friendly Materials: Each plantable greetings card is made from biodegradable paper that leaves no waste behind. Infused with wildflower seeds, they can be planted to grow into a floral delight in your garden.

Recycled envelopes: Where possible I have used 100% recycled envelopes, this includes envelope colours blue, green, pink, yellow and natural Kraft.

planting instructions for plantable greetings cards

They have planting instructions on the back: Each plantable card comes with an easy to follow set of instructions on the back of the card, so your recipient will know exactly what to do with it, once the celebrations are over.

Biodegradeble Cello:Biodegradable Cello: Each plantable card is protected in a compostable cello sleeve, made in the UK from NATIVIA® film made from plant based PLA derived from vegetable starches and are compostable and biodegradable. Biodegradation occurs once exposed to moisture, heat and naturally occurring bacteria / fungi, when it will break down into compost (not micro plastics).

Supports Biodiversity: Planting these cards helps to support local pollinators such as bees and butterflies, crucial for the health of our ecosystems.

Plantable Greetings Card For Mum

Supporting a small business: You'll be directly supporting my small business and helping me keep the dream alive and feed the family!

For Retail Customers: Browse my selection of unique, handdrawn plantable greetings cards designed for every occasion here.

For Wholesale: Expand your product line with my sustainable and innovative plantable greeting cards. Ideal for businesses of all sizes, from small boutiques to large retail chains, these cards offer your customers a unique product with a clear environmental benefit. Get in touch for more info.

plantable greetings cards