Collection: Wholesale Plantable Greetings Cards

wholesale plantable cards point of sale banner Wholesale plantable cards made in Wiltshire.

I'm proud to offer my plantable greeting cards at wholesale prices. Plantable greetings cards are a fantastic way to expand your product line with something eco-friendly sustainable and innovative!

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Ideal for businesses of all sizes, from small boutiques to large retail chains. My wholesale plantable cards offer your customers a unique product with a clear environmental benefit.

Competitive Pricing: I offer discounts on bulk orders, making my cards a cost-effective addition to your inventory.

Custom Designs: I can tailor the wording on the back of the card to suit your brand’s ethos. I can also add to/edit the wording on the front of the card to suit specific occasions and days that happen throughout the year.

Marketing Support: I provide a point-of-sale board that sits nicely behind the cards, so they stand out on your card shelf/rack - just like the banner above!

Should you wish to discuss any of my range and see my wholesale prices, please get in touch via email or phone, under no obligation.

50 assorted cards or more from £1.90 each.
NB: Prices shown this page are RRP

If you're local to Wiltshire - get in touch, I'd love to come and see you!
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